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Reynoldsburg teachers get mass casualty response training “I just think it’s really important that I’m able to help my students in case of an emergency. I’m going to make sure I know the right thing to do,” Gibson said. How to control bleeding, treat gunshot and stab wounds, and apply a tourniquet are skills Officer Riley thought would help her school district. “Especially with what we saw at OSU last week I think hit close to home for a lot of us,” Riley said. Officer Riley said in some cases the teachers could be the first responders and every minute counts. “Sometimes those minutes can save a life and I think it makes a difference. So if we have those people trained and they can respond immediately, we can save lives,” Riley said. Though teachers hope they’ll never have to use these skills, now they know what to do and what they need. “One of the things I really want to make sure I have is a belt cause I don’t have anything in my classroom right now I could use as a tourniquet,” Gibson said. Experts say this kind of training is typically only offered to law enforcement and first responders. 2016 by 10TV.com.

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