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Harvard Cancels Men’s Soccer Season After More Sexual “Scouting Reports” Discovered Harvard Cancels Men’s Soccer Season After More Sexual “Scouting Reports” Discovered Harvard Cancels Men’s Soccer Season After More Harvard athletic director Robert L. Scalise and the Crimson leadership came to this decision after university lawyers reviewed the team spreadsheet which was ostensibly to guess who members of the womens team would ask to a season-ending dance, while also grossly commenting on their physical appearancesand found members of the 2014 cross country team had made crude and sexualized statements about the womens team. The probation and training, it means that theyre going to keep a close watch on us and have us go through some training seminars with some Title IX coordinators, and also talk with an outside consultant about just working on our team culture. The investigation into the mens cross country team was made public after The Crimson published texts from the cross country teams GroupMe in a Nov. 6 article . In the text messages revealed, the current team recalled the nature of derogatory language used to detail the womens cross country team on the teams 2012 and 2014 spreadsheets: Hahaha dude 2012 was the absolute worst I saw. It got tamer each year after that, wrote one recent graduate. Its terrible God, agreed another member of the group, a recent College graduate. Also 2014 talked about a specific person getting black dick a lot, he wrote. Also included in the 2012 version were specific comments about girls weight or appearance, according another text obtained by The Crimson. Price told The Crimson the team no longer engages in activity that appears to have been the norm for the mens soccer and mens cross country team just two years ago, claiming the culture has really changed. Sponsored After the mens soccer teams season was cancelled by the university on Nov. 3 for its misogynistic scouting report of the womens soccer team, Price brought this years iteration of the spreadsheet to the attention of the teams head coach, Jason Saretsky.

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