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tips for interview

You don’t have to go overboard. Just distill your main takeaways into a visually compelling one-page handout. Include a headshot, a quick biography, and contact information at the bottom or on the reverse. Many speakers print out copies of all their slides, but this can be costly (to your wallet and the environment), and it isn’t all that effective. In most cases, listeners are more likely to review and hang onto a one-page distillation of your message, especially if it’s got action items that relate directly to them. It may even be worth hiring a designer to help you polish up the look of your one-pager as well as your slides. When it comes time for your talk, make sure you have handouts at place settings or on chairs before attendees arrive. This will prevent the distraction of waiting for handouts to make their way through the room as you start speaking. 2. Some conferences will record your program for you. If not, consider hiring a professional videographer who can record high-quality footage of your speech.

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tips for interview

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